Random Discovery (:

Hiya everyone (:
Wooo this is my first post i've ever written so yeah- please excuse me if I go wrong in any particular way!
As you know, this blog is about mine and Katrina's amazing discoveries. Today Katrina found this really amazing picture and I just have to share it with you (H) <-- there. Now I love this picture because-

  • The cat looks like it's got jam round its face- and Trina and I love STRAWBERRY jam (:
  • They look like The Joker's pet- That's not a very good thing but still pretty cool (H) :L
  • And lastly, it's just kinda cool (H)

So yeah that was my first comment post thingy (:

Hope you enjoy mine and Trina's forthcoming entries ;D

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1 comment:

Katrina. said...

Actually i found it yesterday lol.

Why so Serious???

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