My Top 5 things this week :]

1- HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE is finally out!! Im gonna go see it tomorrow :]

2- New Hairstyles (i likee them :D)

3- Black Eyed Peas new song (I gotta Feeling) wooowwww :D

4- New Elle collection. Ooh i really like this onee :D Gemma is seen here modelling a t-shirt, skirt and pair of shoes from the collection

5- The New White eye makeup in DOT :] I like this because i find the eyeshadow sticks easier to use and now they have one in white :D a white eyeliner, which i would have used for this look, but it made me look a bit like La Roux and the white mascara made me look very much like La Roux.. :o Not that she doesnt look bad like that, but it doesnt suit me so much XD

So heres a pic of my medoll with some of the new white makeup on :D

Well, thats it.

Gemma and I shall be doing some more makeovers pree soon so dont forget to keep checking the blog and asking for makeovers :D

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