Is Stardoll losing it's touch much?

Today, i've discovered that stardoll have been holding back on us.

Hello Stardoll? I thought you were dedicated to making beautiful dressup dolls with equally gorgeous clothes! WHAT HAPPENED??

Well.. what happened with these two lovelys?

Alyson Stoner- the doll really looks like her, but the clothes are terrible, the Stardoll quality we know and love is so missing! Why why why????

Marion Cotillard- again, another gorgeous doll! Shame about the clothes though- boring and dull.

And there are loads of stars i've never heard of. I know they are from different countries, and i totaly understand the "celebrating cultural diversity" but who are they?

Stardoll put the dressups of these people on the website, but dont explain who these people are!

They put stars on there, from all over the world, and i also understand that they may be big in certain countries... so if they told us what they do, a few facts about them maybe, on the dressup pages, maybe we, in other countries, can see how big they are too.

Angry Rant over, lol

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