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Hey, so my brother Gareth is well better with technological stuff than me.... so every now and then, he will review something techy for the blog :D Here is his first one!

"So the other day, some will know, the new Nintendo DSi came out. Now I thought, as you do, I need this else my life will not be complete. Apart from the fact that it costs £150 odd, It's quite a nice console. Now I don't know about you, but when it's just you and your sister in town with a reasonably identifiable box that says DSi and literally advertises you as a walking assault victim, you tend to crap yourself. maybe I'm paranoid, but anywhose...

So the new features are:-

Camera - Despite the 0.3 megapixel camera (average for a mobile phone) it doesn't take a bad picture. It doesn't record video, which is a shame but my life will go on.

Music player - The speakers are now better so the music sounds good, but unless you're aready using itunes, then converting your mp3's or acc or m4a is difficult.

Sound recorder - Although the DS had a microphone, the DSi lets you record yourself, and all I've used it for so far is saying randomly funny words.

Bigger screen - Not drastically but it bigger!

Slimmer - Again, just a little bit slimmer.

A little like the Wii, you can now reset the console and return to the main screen without switching the console off. After Picto chat, or getting nowhere with DS download because your dad has no clue what he's doing, you can return back to the main screen without switching it off. The Menu has also been edited, and apart from the fact i sometimes drag some icons instead of clicking on them, is better.

Stay tuned for some more disadvantages, and I will find them! (I've only had it a day or two)"

I would like to thank Gareth for writing this review, its SMASHING! :)

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Jess..* said...

ooooh I want one
as my regular ds lite is pretty broken :s

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