I didnt know we had grey lipstick...

Hey guys, TwilightZebraBeth here just with a quick post...

So, yeah, I was looking through the starplaza and though I would stop by 'Dot' and try on some red lipstick... no reason :)

So as i was putting it on this happened...

Its red, but grey? Glitch much?

Then I was wondering, what would happen if we did have grey lipstick. Would we were it?

Then I thought (im doing alot of thinking today!), we could make it! Using the new Dot 'Black Lip Pen' as a base coat - be sure to make it thick- and then 'Blush Pink Lipstick' as a top coat, you could make grey :)

So I tried it, and here is the outcome...


Creative? What do you think? Would you wear it?

Bye for now :)

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