First of all, as you can probably see, I have a new banner that I created myself, hope you like it :)
I really loved Jade's banner but it was quite an old medoll of mine and looks nothing like the one I use now, it was really beautiful though!

Also, I have a new fashion line called Gem, Glitz and Glam. I've mentioned it quite a lot on stardoll but if you don't know about it yet, check it out! It's next to me in my suite.

Finally, I've also decided that I will create banners for people, maybe for free, maybe for 1 stardollar :D But if I do charge, 1 stardollar is the most unless it's so very complicated that it takes me a month to do, then maybe 5 stardollars but 5 is the utter and most ever. 1 stardollar will be the usual price. If you like my banner and would like one, then just ask me and tell me what kind of fonts and stuff like that you want etc.

Thank you so much.
Love Gemma x

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