I love all u guys and this blog :)

Heyyy everyone. x

Yes it's Gemma again.
I'm sorry to say that I won't be on stardoll or posting here very much anymore but I will still get the old post on and be on quite a few times on stardoll but I promise I'll probs be on here and stardoll quite a lot in the holidays!!! I will miss everyone seriously but you always have to give something up in your life and at the moment I'm afraid it's this thing I've been doing for years.
I will always be by your sides and my heart is with you so please remember me. I love you.
All my special guys I love u (Jade, Trina, Beth, Caz, Megan). All my special peeps on stardoll I love you. I love you blog and I love u stardoll but goodbye for now.

Here's my email address for anyone that wants to keep in touch:

Good luck to everyone with their future :)
Love your dear, Gemma xxx

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