Hi guys :)
Welllllll, I recieved a message from Trina informing me that moonbeam150 suggested featuring a rather bizaar and amazing medoll on the blog...

When you just look at im_an_angel01's medoll in her suite (image to the left), it just looks normal and I bet your thinking "geesh, why on earth does Jade think her medoll is bizaar and amazing? It's just like any other medoll!" hmmm well look again on the next image..

Yes! The image to the right IS infact her medoll... but how come it is black, and her medoll in her suite isn't? Well tbh, I think there's a slight glitch with stardoll going on here, or this girl is a genius! I don't think I've ever seen a medoll like this (to the left.)

Special thanks to: Trina (t_r_i_n_a) moonbeam150 and im_an_angel01

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moonbeam150 said...

Thanks alot someone told me about it on ask paulina girls and i found it slighty weird

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