Hi There!

Hello everyone! Im Graciestar9, I got invited by Trina to join this blog for a while, I am the girl pictured above ^ or the girl pictured below!

But thats a bad picture of me! ^^

Anyway, Im posting about what I like and dont like about peoples clothes....:D

This is my friend, emma63443. I think this is a perfect outfit for someone who likes wacky clothes, she has been unique and different. I love how her theme is leopard-print,black & white. Its perfect :D

This is 63emly64. I dont really like her outfit. With the beach outfit and that doesnt look right. Also those shoes are very off-putting on the outfit. Not nice :(

Ok! Well thats it from me for the minute! Btw everyone.
I work on 3 blogs.

Graciestar9 xxx

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