I was boredd (:

Hiya againnn (:

Well it's a monday afternoon in the half term and basically, I am bored. So yeah- here i am writing a blog (:

Well firstly I would like to ask you to check out Trina's/ Trina's brothers new blog (: It tells you about the new Nintendo DSi. Before reading it I didn't even know it excisted!

Well last week I went on a school trip to france (: It was amazing- wasn't too keen on the food but other than that I <3ed>

I'll write to the blog later on this week (:
Sorry if this post was like, super boring.

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Clarisa said...

This is the most beautifulist picture i have ever seen where did ya tak the pic or did you get it off google or something?

Anonymous said...

Clarisa, she's just come back from France..
if you'd have read the article properly, you'd realise that!

Clarisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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