Same outfit for less.

Heya. It's... Gemma!
Anyway... as I said, I'd be posting Same outfit for less.
Jade did the amazing pics :P

ELLE Black Extra Long Modern Blazer-11 stardollars

ELLE Hot Pink Sequin Tee-10 stardollars

ELLE Black Classic Skinny Jeans-7 stardollars

ELLE Magenta Platforms-6 stardollars

Fudge Green Stereo Print Bag-8 stardollars

TOTAL-42 stardollars (WOAH, a lot of cash.)

Stardoll Black Boyfriend Jacket-5 stardollars

Pretty in Pink Pink Oversized Tee-6 stardollars

Bisou Black Stretch Jeans-5 stardollars

Pretty in Pink Pink Pumps-4 stardollars

Fudge Pink Stereo Print Bag-6 stardollars (What's the difference between the pink one and the green one except they are different colours?)

TOTAL-26 stardollars (Much cheaper!!!)

SAVED AMOUNT-16 stardollars (You could buy a piece of DKNY with that!)

xxx Gemma xxx

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Anonymous said...

thanks gemma, now i just got to save up 16 sds,and become ss.
:L CAZ x

Anonymous said...

btw, its a good idea. (:

Katrina. said...

Thats reet good :)
I prefer the second outfit tbh, the pink is nicerr :D

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