Meet the team :)

Hiya everyone! Well seeings that we now have a slightly larger team, I have decided to tell you who everyone is and what we do :)

Well Trina and I were the ones who founded the blog :) We basically share with you our discoveries and blable on about anything else which is revelant to the blog :) Trina mainly is in charge of the application thingys at the side and I create the graphics (eg. the banner, name card thingys etc.)

Gemma joined us in the middle of April. She mainly writes about fashion news and gives you stardoll tips (shop-wize) while helping you get a bargain in her 'Same outfit for Less' posts.

Gareth writes about the latest gadgets and console news.

Cazzia is going start writing for the blog very soon :) She will be carrying out interviews and more to stardoll members :)


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