"Knowing" Review.

Hey again, last night I went to see a movie called "Knowing" with my family, and I ruined part of the movie because I lost my phone in the darkness and it's new (i found it when the lights went up!)...So anyway, here's my second review...


What a film, before the ending, it was sit-at-the-edge-of-your-seat-while-occasionally-jumping-and-feeling-stupid-afterwards....The end absolutely ruined the whole movie, special effects were too good, making my 19 year old sister freaked out. People on fire is not something you want to see as usually it's somebodies worst fear to be on fire while alive...Ending was really really bad so be prepared to walk out going "AHHH MAAA...i cannot believe they did that!!" The lights went up and i heard somebody near me go "Well that movie was s***!" Me and my sister couldn't stop laughing. I would give it a 6/10, but 10 points for trying! :]

See it if you want good effects, and a funny ending and a good middle and start :]

Ella x

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