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Hey, I'm Ella - (Living-for-ever on and I'm a new writer for this amazing blog! I'm gonna be updating you on new films, books and TV shows that are coming, and reviewing the ones I've read, seen or heard about and my opinion! Okay - here's the first of many film reviews...


With the older version of the beauty Zac Efron, being Matthew Perry, (oh that's right - Chandler Bing on friends) this is a movie that guarantee's being funny, sighing because Zac is just so damn hot, and wishing you had a light-saver (even if it was just on Wii), it's a must-watch movie! Even if you weren't a fan of High School Musical, Zac is a totally different guy, and if you'd never heard of HSM (What?! Are you on another planet?!), you'd just fall in love with him (if you hadn't already...). If you haven't heard about this movie, I insist you type in "17 again official trailer" on youtube, and sit down and watch it! And then, drag yourself over to your nearest cinema, get a group of girlie friends, and enjoy the movie!

Oh and please don't forget glasses people! You have to see it , trust me ;)

Next movie to be reviewed: Knowing

Until next time, happy Tv and movie watching, and book reading!

Ella x

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Jadeeeeeee said...

I love Zac Efron ;]
I'll get your graphic sorted out soon Ella- the programme i use isn't working atm :[
great post :]x

Gemma said...

Woop woop :P

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