Interview With Chloww.

Big thanks to chloe for taking time out to share her answers with us, and to jade and trina for letting me do this. (:

so how did you find out about stardoll?
well, i went to go to paper doll heaven because i was bored and i found out about stardoll so i thought i would join

but back then my account was 'diemondog'

do you still like it as much as you did whenyou first joined?
yes i do, i keep going off it for awhile but i always seem to come back and enjoy it even more.

nice, so whats your favourite brand on stardoll,and which brand is mostly in your sd closet?
i would say my favourite brand is evil panda.they have most of the stuff i'm into.

and i have alot of different clothes from different brands.

is it like your real life closet?
pretty much. but some of it is abit different.

sweet, and do you have a particular style, like scene etc,
or do you mix it all up to make the very own you?
i just make my own style up, i like to be different.

do you 'express' yourself through fashion?
yes, i do. i love to express myself throughfashion. [:

do you follow trends from magazines or the catwalk,
or use a part of outfits from there and change it to your own outfit?

well, i use parts of a outfit and change it into my own style.

very unique;) which celeb are you most like,personality wise and appearance wise?
i would say selena gomez, i love her sense of fashion && i hear she has a great personality.

good choice:) as a teen, do you feel pressured when you see the skinny celebs and models,
to be like them, as skinny as them?
i used to, and i'm not so keen on my apperence but i get over it, and try to make myself look my best.

Enough Of Fashion&Stardoll.. Time For Other Random Things :)

what do you plan to do when your older?
either a fashion design or a writer.

are you a book reader, and which is yourmost enjoyable book?
yes i am. i love to read romance, horror, crime books. my favourite ones at the moment

are of course twilight, eclipse, ect.

twilight(: Do you spend weekends
alone or with friends + fam?
it varies.

and what do you do?
usually spend time on my laptop if i'm alone, or ido stuff with my family like

going swimming, shopping and of coursethe same with my friends.

coolcool, do you care about things like global warming, starving in the world,
cruelty to animals and so forth?
yes, i do but i don't really know what to do.. i don't wear real fur or much leather or

anything. And i do try to not leave lightson or leave things on.

Anything you do is one step forward to saving the Earth:)do you enjoy school and
what are your favourite subjects?
i don't really enjoy school, but my favourite subjects will have to be english and IT.

thanks again chloe, for spending time with us.this is my first interview,
so hopefully look outfor another time for me interviewing stardoll'errs
about fashion,stardoll and the world.

Cazzia x

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Gemma said...

Wow Caz!
Amazing interview there.
You seem like a natural and with interviews this blog is amazing!

Thanks Caz.
It was nice to know more about the girl I LOVE MORE (Sorry, me and Chloe squabble over who loves the other more :P).
I hardly know anything about her we just kinda made best friends some how :)

Anonymous said...

Caz, really good interview, keep up the good work :]
(Ella x)

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