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Hey peeps, it's Megan here. (A.K.A Stunning. (with the dot) ) I was just curious on who you think should win BGT this year. To be honest, I think Diversity, Shaheen, Stavros Flatley or Aiden Davis. I aren't being horrible or anything but Susan Boyle has developed over-confidence and cockiness. Espesh' now she has had a make over. I have to say though, designer clothes suit her! Check her out!
Wowzaa! Tbh, my grandma is older than her, and she looks better :L

Susan, what will Simon think. (I think I know) Anyway, after having over 2 million hits on one youtube video of herself ALONE the other acts have a lot to live up to if they want to beat Susan herself. Honestly, I think she stands a good chance in winning, I have to say - I do prefer that gorgeous smile of Natalie Okri! Thanks for reading my first ever post, also thanks to Jade, for letting me join this blog(: I feel honoured!


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Jade said...

I agree completely!

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