Hey guys :)
its just Twilight Zebra Beth again just to put a post for some one in my family.
On the morning of 25th December 2008, my great uncle Granville Evans died ing wigan and leigh hospice.
He died of an agressive tumour which sent cancer around his throat, voicebox and mouth.
He had the same cancer 22 years ago but fortunatly it was burned with radio-therapy. The conciquence was the rotting of his jaw bone and being replaced with hip bone.
He was my grandma's brother and when she found out that it was terminal, she was heartbroken and couldn't stop crying as her sister Eileen died of breast cancer, her brother Alan died of lung cancer and her other brother Cyril died of stomach cancer. Her mother and father had died as well so Granville was the only one left.
Christmas will never be the same again without him.
I put this post not to upset any one but to pay my respects to him as today a church service was help at Atherton Parish Church to commiserate to loss of many lifes including his. I lit a candle to remember him and took home memories.
may Granville rest in peace.
also Eileen, Alan and Cyril.
Thank you if you read this post as it very long and i don't want to upset anyone :)
- Twilight Zebra Beth x
P.S. This is for my Grandma Cynthia, who is (on a lighter note) living it up for a week holiday in St.Ives down south. Woop Woop G!

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