A quick discovery :)

WARNING- this post may include random banter about strawberries! :D ahaa, you know you love them XDD
Local strawberries have to be the best things ever..
but they are even better when eaten with- MR WHIPPY ICE CREAM! :DD
I bought some strawberries from the village greengrocers earlier- Gareth and i had half of them at dinner (with Mr Whippy of course, courtesy of the local ice cream lady!) and dad comes home from college and makes the rest into smoothies- well i never!
Oh btw, Anon, ive dedicated this post to you, we love you here at TDOJKaF's :D
Now, who in Sam heck are you :D

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C said...

Your dad goes to collage?

Katrina. said...

Yeah he was a chef, but wanted a change, so is doing ta training :D

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