Juzi beads :)

Now, i am very much into fairtrade products, clothing, coffee, *sigh* and the chocolate XD.

And like 5 minutes ago i was reading my Look magazine, and theres a story in there this week about Juzi beads.

Juzi Beads are made by a small group of women in Kenya, back by a British woman, who founded the company. The beads are made out of strips of magazine and rolled bottle tops. The women who make them were living in poverty until they started making them.

The beads are not only beautiful, but are fairly traded, excellently made and really vibrant.

I think they are gorgeous :D

Katrinaa :)

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SomeoneWhoDoesntLikeFood said...

wow. theyre pretty. :)

Gemma said...

Yes, they are very pretty.
Lovin' them and made from recycled materials :)

Jade said...

Gorgeous! x

Amy said...

I love them to, saw them in Grace and Favour, and then looked them up on the internet and found their website, and was soooo impressed. They do so many different types. I'm so happy that finally fashion and fair trade are crossing over! I like wearing the Ozoroa necklace together with a flava or a molle necklace. Also have you seen the cuffs?? x

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