Guest Writer For Stardoll Fashion :)

hey everyone!
my names beth (babi*licious) and jade ask me to guest write for the blog!
of course i said yes and i wondered what i could write about. then...
stardoll fashion!
so yeah i was looking through stardoll and i picked 4 stardollians who i thought had creative style. also i did a before and after make over :), here it is!

i love Kasia's style. it differs everytime i see her and today just kinda blew me away! it is a gothic theme and she has been using her creativity with the new DIY section in the starplaza. so i think this outfit deserves to be published :), now here is her make-over i did!

I just changed her make up to lighter tones, her hairstyle to long and put in a LOVELY headband.


maya has pulled off the new philosophy line brilliantly. i love the dress anyway! i think it is very pretty and has accessorized properly with the shoes and bracelet. here is her make-over.

i changed her hair-style to a side do, her make up to a green/olive scheme and added peacock earrings :)


i love isabella's style anyway because she always creates. but i love this outfit especially as it is like a lady gaga themed one :). here is her make-over.

i think she always has the same medoll so i changed everything :). i gave her cute curls, some classic jewellery and a blue scheme for make-up.


sophy is an amazing stardoll designer with all her real brand designs. she is wearing her own design of chanel with a few other accessories. here is her make-over :)

basically i just gave sophy a pink colour scheme which i think looks brilliant on her :)

well i hope you enjoyed my post (even if it was a bit long x])

and thank you for having me!

i hope to write for you soon!


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